January 14, 2011: Tok, AK

We made it into Tok, Alaska just before noon. After fueling up we stopped into Fast Eddy's, the local eatery at mile post 1313 that received 4 stars by tripadviser. 

We both dove into some delicious halibut burgers and enjoyed the free wifi! The roads were great- dry without much ice. Temps outside are hovering around -39 below zero. Gust of wind made things interesting at times however the Jeep is running well. Whitehorse, YT is estimated to be 8 hours and we are hoping to meet our host family sometime before 9pm this evening.  We spotted several packs of caribou "hanging out" on the highway- no moose-sightings yet.  Not surprisingly- we haven't noticed many folks driving this stretch of highway.  Its good to be on the road- we are making good time!!  Alaska-Canadian Border- here we come, eh!

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  1. What an adventure. Enjoyed the caribou pics. Still waiting on the video cam on the dash with the live feed of Dom 'n Tom!

    I know one little boy who was knocking on Shatomi's door this morning, so be careful and watch out for the ice, wind, moose, and stray halibut so you can make it back on time and with appendages intact.

    Looking forward to your next post,