January 23rd, 2011: Sweet Home Alabama

The morning of January 23rd- would mark 10 days and approximately 5,000 miles since leaving Alaska.   We had a great time in Oklahoma and definitely plan to visit again.  Although were were tired, it was exciting to be on the last leg of our trip and we were up and on the road sometime before 6am.  After fueling up at the CPN FireLake Gas Station and Convenience Store we headed  due East on I-40 with a straight shot to Memphis, TN. 

 From Memphis, we would pick up Hwy-78 and head SE across northern Mississippi straight into BIRMINGHAM!!  The entire morning we talked about our epic road trip and the people we met along the way.  Sometime around lunchtime, we cruised through Little Rock Arkansas and Memphis—bypassing Graceland.  Although we did not have time to visit the King of Rocks home, it did seem appropriate to fuel up in Tuepelo, MS.  

Tupelo, MS is the birthplace of the rock and roll legend Elvis Presley.  We ended up visiting the white-clapboard two-room shotgun house where Elvis Aaron Presley was born and raised. 

 It’s quite the Elvis memorial/museum and a mecca for any fan of the King.  Dom picked up  a few souvenirs for his aunt that is a big Elvis fan and Shatomi got a few of Elvis’s favorite recipes including fried banana peanut butter sandwiches.

     A couple hours later we were back on the road to the Alabama's Magic City.  We start getting a bit hopeful when we enter Alabama around 2pm and crossed into Jefferson County.  

It was nice to see familiar sights.  Dom hasn’t been back to Bama in 6 weeks and  Shatomi is on cloud nine. We both joked about finishing strong and safely without flat tires or accidents when were were less than 50 miles from our destination.

     When we arrived in Birmingham proper, we made a full court press through downtown and back to University of Alabama at Birmingham.   We could see the Vulcan statue perched on Red Mountain as we pull up to Casa de Kerbawy.   The odometer in the Jeep clocked the trip at 5,155 miles from Wassila, AK to Birmingham, AL. We walked in on some friends watching the 2011 AFC NFL playoffs- New York Jets vs Pittsburgh Steelers. It was the first bit of TV we had enjoyed in almost 2 weeks.  It was hard to watch the Steelers trounce the Jets (24-19) amidst all the questions and stories of our trip.  It’s been a legendary adventure and it’s great to be home!!

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