Pilot inspects rig; Co-pilot lands in AK; Final pre-launch preparations underway....

Thursday, January 13th
Wasilla, Alaksa
14 degrees Farenheit

Our D-Day has shifted to tomorrow Friday, January 14th.

A winter visit that brought snow and ice to Alabama delayed Shatomi's departure from Birmingham but his Alaska Airlines flight landed safely at Ted Stephens International Airport in Anchorage tonight so all systems are now GO!!

We are staying with the Gustafson family in Wasilla (about 1 hour north of Anchorage) and making final adjustments to the Jeep Liberty that will carry us over the next 5,000 miles. Dominick has already had extensive maintenence work done on the Jeep during the past month to make sure our chariot is ready to tackle the formidable Alaska-Canadian Highway (ALCAN). Preparations also included gathering critical supplies so we will be ready for the unexpected. Gas stations along the ALCAN ar not open outside normal business hours during the winter season so we will carry extra fuel, food and water.
Dom and Rob Gustafson have reinforced the trailer-hitch mounted rack that will hold the jerrycans contining our emergency fuel reserves (15 gallons).
More on gear later.

Going to power down now, get a good night of sleep, and start our adventure in the morning.


  1. No trying to catch up with Sarah Palin before you leave? You are missing out on some powerful thoughts there, ya know. Hope y'all have a safe and joyful journey!

  2. WOW! What an adventure! Don't let the Moose get you...and if an encounter is imminent...attack first! And, make sure you supercharge the Jeep...gotta make sure you can out run the RCMP!
    Be safe and have fun! Lots of love from Vegas!