Couchsurfing = practice of moving from 1 friends house to another, sleeping wherever space is available (floor or couch), generally for only a few days before moving on.   

Mission: create Inspiring Experiences.

Vision: We envision a world where everyone can explore and create meaningful connections with the people and places we encounter. Building meaningful connections across cultures enables us to respond to diversity with curiosity, appreciation and respect. The appreciation of diversity spreads tolerance and creates a global community.

History: Founded in 2003, is a free hospitality exchange network and website with nearly 2.5 million members in 245 countries.   The idea underlying the mission was hatched by Casey Fenton in 1999 after finding a cheap flight from Boston to Iceland.  Without a place to stay, Fenton emailed students at the University of Iceland and inquired about possible accommodations.  Within a short period of time, some 50 students had offered their place up for a visit.  Nowadays, the project serves a large number of travelers and hosts around the world.  Our experience with the was very positive.  We have included the projects mission, vision, and guiding principles.  Check out their website and think about joining.

Guiding Principles:
1)   Achieve CouchSurfing's vision begins with ourselves.
2)   Practice teamwork with respect for personal freedom.
3)   Unify people through honest and empathetic communication.
4)   Conscientiously preserve diversity, within and without the organization.
5)   Continuous personal development for ourselves and others.
6)   Reflect on our challenges as opportunities.
7)   Practice gratitude towards everyone.
8)   Keep the fun in everything we do.
9)   Value interpersonal connections within our teams.
10) Operate as a non-profit organization in order to best serve CouchSurfing's mission.
11) Understand that CouchSurfing can only endorse ideologies that further its vision.

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