January 21st, 2011: Driving through OK

     The morning of January 21st, we were on the road to Shawnee, OK by way of small highway that traveled the narrow Oklahoma panhandle.  We left Henry and Laura in Boulder, CO around 10 AM after a nice breakfast and coffee.  The highway that we chose to travel stretches from Colorado to Oklahoma along spectacular vistas and the weather was excellent.  We felt pretty good about the trip at this point, give all the "exposed stretches" of highway and winter weather were behind us.  Our trip to Oklahoma was characterized by big blue skies and dramatic cloud formations.  

 The arid mountain desserts of Wyoming and Colorado slowly gave way to the high plains that stretched as far as the eye can see in every direction.  Shawnee, OK would be an easy 10 hours from Boulder,m CO through rural farm land and large cattle ranches that seemed to be traveled mostly be truckers.  

Just like in the old Western movies set in cattle-country, tumbleweed infrequently rolled across the desolate 2-lane highway. We arrived in Shawnee, OK around 10 PM and made our way to the outskirts of town to the Citizen Potawatomi reservation.  

Given the late hours, we pulled into the Citizen Potawatomi Nation (CPN) police station, located in the center of the CPN reservation and headquarters to let the tribal leadership know we had arrived.  Our plan was to layover a day in Shawnee with the CPN folks to rest and relax before continuing on to Birmingham, AL.  

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